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We believe that skin of any age can look beautiful if cared for correctly. At Defyne Aesthetics anti aging exuviance want to help you to identify areas that need attention. The skin is the largest organ of our body and often the most neglected when it comes to care.

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It protects us from the elements but unfortunately shows easily what it has been through. We have a portfolio of specific skin treatments to choose from and combine which will help to beautify the skin and give you the radiance you deserve.

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The clinic has been set up to meet the highest standards. We have received training in the field of aesthetic medicine with recognised training centres, our laser is the latest piece of technology and our premises comply with the laser safety regulations.

We have chosen anti aging exuviance latest equipment and best products available and combined these with outstanding training, motivation and expertise. Dr Pinar Akman - Originally from Germany Pinar graduated in dentistry at Berlin University in and worked in various practices in Berlin specialising in oral surgery.

Moving on to Aesthetic Medicine was a natural step.

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As a dentist, Pinar has an excellent understanding of the features of the face and often had patients enquiring about cosmetic procedures. Kate - She has specialised in laser technology and she is now providing top end treatments with excellent results with focus on anti aging, skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

She is currently completing a level 4 award in Advanced Skin Science.

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