Anti wrinkle cream after 30

The cream has a complex anti-wrinkle action, by combining anti-wrinkle assets with sunscreens.

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Prevents aging and wrinkling of sensitive, dry skin. With a light cream gel formulation, it has an emollient texture, without overloading the complexion. No perfume.


Dermatological tested. Dry, wrinkled skin.

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Active ingredients : The latest generation mineral and synthetic sun filters, judiciously chosen for sensitive complexions are photostable and provide high and balanced protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

The complex of natural oils and fats shea butter, cocoa butter, rice oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils restores the hydro-lipidic barrier protecting the skin, contributing to a good emulsion of sensitive, dehydrated skin. Sepilift ® DPHP, a botanical amino acid complex, is a source of amino acids required for the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers. The Ferulan and Vitamin E complex prevent oxidative degradation at the cellular level, improve the exchange of oxygen in tissues, provide skin protection against the destructive effects of pollution and UV radiation and soothe solar erythema.

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How to use : It is applied in the morning anti wrinkle cream after 30 the face, neck and neck, on cleansed and cleansed skin. It is recommended only for face. We do not recommend using the product around eyes because the UV protection factor can cause eye irritation.

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Benefits : Reduced wrinkles, advanced UV protection. The product does not contain perfume, and the formulation is a light cream gel, with an emollient texture, without overloading the skin. A termék részletei.