Famh suisse anti aging.

famh suisse anti aging

Jeffrey Esposito December 2, Nothing says the holiday season like over-spending on toys and devices for our children. It really shows how much we care — right?

famh suisse anti aging

Hell, they may already have a half-dozen or so mens anti aging cream best. Raise your hand if your kid has a VTech toy that helps them with learning?

For those of you who raised your hand, you may want to sit down before reading on. On Cyber Monday, VTech announced that they were hacked some time in November, and that the hackers had compromised over 5 million user accounts on their network from one databases. However, that was the least of what the hackers made off with.

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Yes, you read that right. Tens of thousands of photos of kids and parents — intimate photos that no one wants to fall into the hands of evil doers.

We will share more info as we know it as will my colleagues Mike and Chris over at Threatpost so be sure to keep checking back.

famh suisse anti aging

I love the smell of ecommerce in the morning, especially when buying for my kids. This sucks — what can I do?


Unfortunately, as we continue down the path of more connectivity, we are going to be slapped with the harsh reality that there are evil folks out there who will look to exploit vulnerabilities in the products. However, we would urge you to do famh suisse anti aging research and decided what exposure you want out there famh suisse anti aging you are looking at exposing your children to the Web. No real data — Pop quiz: do you know why retailers ask for personal data when you sign up for a service or account to play online games?

famh suisse anti aging

Sites that collect data use this to market to you, or sell the data to third party vendors, so that others can market to you. Photos are priceless — You know that saying, a photo is worth 1, words?

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While it may or may not be true, your kid is priceless. No one should be looking at photos of them, unless you want them to.

famh suisse anti aging

However, the downside is that in the creation of these devices, security is often not top of mind for the companies. Read about how I hacked my own home! Full research paper here!

famh suisse anti aging

The less you share, the less there is to get out there.