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Epilogue Characters and events portrayed in this book represent a cross-section of people and happenings I have known throughout my life in Brazil and elsewhere, up to a few years ago.

As reflections of my cumulative experiences, they are, I hope, accurate in essence. For obvious reasons, however, most names of living people and most place names used in the book are fictitious.

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He has a well-knit öregedésgátló krém férfiaknak vélemények, a quiet laugh, an iron-gray curly beard, and two dedicated professions: medicine and poetry. Though a perpetually displaced person ever since the close of the First World War - when his family got swept homeless up and down the Balkans - he managed during a brief lull, from toto take his medical degree at Vienna.

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Soon afterward, diagnosing the imminence of a Second World War, he fled to Rome and there lay low until the storm had broken and passed. He writes of that period: One thing I knew I inscribed my name on no list and in no registry of tenants, took my expired passport to no consulate, and if I ate very little bread, I ate it without a bread-ration card I became a medical historian, and sheltered and concealed by library walls, wrote studies on such subjects as Renaissance research on the kidneys and hormone treatment in the ancient world.

After the Allied landings, Dr. He then became Medical Adviser to the U. Claims Service and Chief Anthropologist for the U. Graves Registration Service "washing, measuring, and cementing the bones of American dead". Later he refused a University chair in Hungary "I foresaw that I should not make a good Communist"and instead lorelia anti aging formula vélemények the IRO for a ticket to Brazil - though without any better reason than that "it looked large and green on the map.

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Sent as "male nurse" to a lead mine in the Interior, he supplemented his meager pay by teaching English, Latin and mathematics to the French engineers' daughters. After a year of this, he was dismissed for advising his patients: "Get to hell out of this mine, or you'll all die from lead poisoning.

He has now lived there, elevated to the rank of physician, for thirteen years, lorelia anti aging formula vélemények been accepted by its mainly farming population - descendants of Indian aborigines, Portuguese conquerors, African Negro slaves, and more recent Italian, German, Polish and Greek settlers.

Close by lies unreclaimed jungle, where primitive Botocudo Indians still rove. Since his patients have little money and prefer paying in food or services, the story of how he grew rich enough to buy land and build a house of his own is strange to the point of extravagance.

It begins at Rome during the war, where he agreed to give Pietro Ferraro, leader of the Venetian Resistance, lessons in conversational English. Ferraro, who spoke only Italian, needed arms from the Allies. Lenard's sole available textbook was A. Milne's nursery classic Winnie-the-Pooh; but it proved a great success.

Some months lorelia anti aging formula vélemények, Ferraro was complimented on his English by the British staff, parachuted back into Venice with a supply of arms - and, having balked the retreating Germans' attempts at sabotage, awarded a gold medal for lorelia anti aging formula vélemények.

Lenard used the same volume - he still owned no lorelia anti aging formula vélemények - at the lead mine, while teaching the French engineers' daughters. When one of them sighed for some equally readable Latin book, he translated parts of Winnie-the-Pooh into the rich, flexible, "humanistic" Latin that he had studied so long and lovingly while a medical historian.

Completing the task at Donna Irma, some years later, he invested his last few pesos in ordering one hundred copies from a São Paulo printer.

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Through some inexplicable quirk of fortune, Winnie ille Pu was taken up by publishers in Sweden, England and the United States, and everywhere became a best seller. Since then, several other Latinists have exploited the trend with translations of Peter Rabbit, Peter and the Wolf and Alice in Wonderland; but all that I have read lack Winnie ille Pu's audacious wit and stylistic felicities, doubtless because they are written in the wrong sort of Latin.

Both as a physician and a poet - he writes poems in German and Hungarian, but seems at his quintessential best in Latin - Dr.

Lenard has felt bound to treat people solely as themselves, rather than as classifiable sociological specimens. And this is what makes The Valley of the Latin Bear a real book. I recommend it wholeheartedly. To forestall any invidious comparisons between Dr. Alexander Lenard and Dr. Albert Schweitzer, let me add that almost the only peculiar trait shared by these two remarkable Central European jungle-physicians is their love of playing Bach on the local church harmonium.

I The church is filled and the faithful listen to the sermon. The minister keeps explaining what Advent means and where its significance lies. When he has the impression that the congregation is not listening attentively enough, with his heavy riding boot he kicks the teacher's desk that serves as a pulpit. The congregation seems to regard listening as the lorelia anti aging formula vélemények important part of divine service.

What is really important is getting into one's Sunday best and slipping the Book of German Hymns under one's arm. What is important is harnessing the horses and driving to church in the farm cart or the green or dark red buggy, with the horses beautifully currycombed.

What is important is that the little blonde girls shall wear well-ironed skirts and carry new parasols, even if they come barefoot. The divine service is much the same as a review, in the midst of peacetime, is for a soldier: an examination, a demonstration of what lorelia anti aging formula vélemények is and what one has - everybody is actor and spectator at the same time.

The little girls in the left front benches whisper and tug their dresses smooth. The little boys in the right front benches hardly know what to do with themselves in their Sunday clothes. The old ladies in the left back benches nod as if they were assenting or falling asleep.

The old men in the right back benches cough, clear their throats, and scratch their necks. A long drag at a corn-leaf cigar would be lorelia anti aging formula vélemények welcome to them than a long Gospel lesson, but they must keep their dignity. In another quarter of an hour the minister will be discussing more understandable matters: right after the service he is going to sell vegetable seeds.

All of a sudden the pastor's big black boot crashes against the desk and he thunders: "And the Savior came into this wretched and lorelia anti aging formula vélemények world!

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Or are you perhaps unaware that this world - this world of technical marvels, this world of our proud century - is filled with poverty and misery? Many of us deliberately close their eyes to the sufferings of their fellow men - and not one of you, for a single day in his life, has ever gone hungry!

Little German girls going to church barefoot on Advent Sunday! The minister selling cabbage seeds right before Christmas? His congregation singing from the Book of German Hymns, yet not one of them has ever known hunger?

That's just too many lies for these few paragraphs! I humbly apologize. I should first have written, as playwrights do: Place: the Southern Hemisphere. More specifically, the village of Donna Irma lorelia anti aging formula vélemények southern Brazil.

Time: shortly before Christmas - in other words, deep summer. There are cities like Rome whose names resound all over the globe. Twenty miles from here, only a few postal clerks know where the village of Donna Irma stands.

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It may be easier to explain if we start this way: People in Europe shake their heads if one travels to Brazil. That's really the end of the world! Rio de Janeiro? Isn't that where the Negroes invented the samba and the Carnival lasts six months? Here in Rio we still have the National Library, scientific congresses, the University, and - let's be frank - the whole administration.

What they call Brasilia is a cardboard city plastered up for photographers and foreigners. And São Paulo! That's simply the end of the world. You can live as well here as anywhere. The great artists give concerts here.

We have an atomic lorelia anti aging formula vélemények and the woman tennis champion of the world. But the paved highways stretch barely sixty miles to the east, a hundred and twenty-five to the west, and not very far to the south, and out there - that's the end of the world! You may fly some five hundred miles, ride for another hour in a bus, and you are in a small, friendly township named after the German physician Blumenau.

In Germany they lorelia anti aging formula vélemények bananas at so much apiece - so much apiece! One single banana costs as much as Svájci anti aging mikropszichoanalízis whole cacho [bunch] does here.

Blumenau has a music conservatory, three high schools, hospitals, movies, churches But, of course, if you want to go inland and ride that rattling bus for five hours along the whole length of the Itajai River, you will come to the end of the world! No pavement? There are street lights and he who is not stewed won't stumble! Of course, if you want to drive for another hour up the mountain, through the forest, and along the Riesel brook - there, yes, there you will be right at the end of the world!

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How have I been cast up here? If I may briefly cite Talleyrand, slightly varying his words: "They who did not live before the great revolution know not the sweetness of life.

May I be forgiven for passing off the world's history as my own? Since the July days ofwars have seized me, tossed me about, wounded me, and finally - not long after the Second World War - flung me out to the outermost lorelia anti aging formula vélemények of that cultural circle creme anti age avene which - seized, tossed, and wounded as I am - I nevertheless belong, because I say so with pride I have been anointed with the holy oil of printer's ink.

I have published books of verse and scholarly works. One of the latter was actually listed in the Almanach de Gotha of the Western intellect. Yes, the holy and apostolic Roman Church put my book on the Index. Wars have decided my life. I remember the day in Budapest when the first one broke out.

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There was great flag-waving and rejoicing. A round tower of loaves for the soldiers stood on the street corner I believe that was the last happy day that mankind was ever to know. Then the monstrous horror seized us.

Germans and Hungarians in Southeast Europe. Identity Management and Ethnomanagement, böhlau, 2017

We thought perhaps we were eluding its cruelty as we traveled, close to my father, first to Serbia and then to the southern Tyrol. Actually, I know now, it was the war that swept us hither and yon. It swept my father to Turkey. Finally one night he returned home, bearded, after an endless trip on foot, bringing us two antique silver egg cups. His return meant the war had ended, but still it swept us down to Fiume, on the Adriatic Sea. The city, too, was dizzy from the wars; it had belonged to Austria, to Hungary, to Croatia; it became an Italian free port, passed to Yugoslavia When we were there it was the private kingdom of the poet D'Annunzio, who played Blackshirt there, issued postage stamps bearing his picture, and made speeches.

From Fiume, the storm blew us to Vienna. There I was enrolled in a boarding school founded two centuries before by the Empress Maria Theresa. It offered much patina, titled schoolmates, and scanty meals of black-frozen potatoes, thin tea, lorelia anti aging formula vélemények clammy black bread.

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Lorelia anti aging formula vélemények beautiful school was as unreal as the poet's kingdom. Hunger and cold were the realities of the war that had supposedly ended two years before.

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I learned German or, more accurately, Austrian, because in those days Hungarian citizens considered that language important. Ever since then I have written poems in German, but even today I can read only Hungarian verse. We bought a little house not far from Vienna. There, in Klosterneuburg, were things the war had not touched - the River Donau and the silvery gray trees of the River Au.

There was an ancient organ with baroque angels whose tone was as true and clear as on its first day. The postwar period merged gradually into the prewar period, as satiety after luncheon merges into hunger before dinner. In between, however, lies the peaceful hour of teatime. For Europe, those were the years from to ; for me, the first years of my university studies.

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I had long vacillated as to whether I should study pure philosophy, philology, or natural sciences. Enrollment in the university was a complicated official process, and I had an acquaintance in the dean's office at the medical school who could quickly expedite lorelia anti aging formula vélemények matters.

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I therefore chose medicine, with the thought that I could study the other disciplines later in the libraries. It was, as I said, the quiet teatime hour when one still made plans. There were madmen in Europe, about whom one sometimes heard - a Herr Weissenberg in Berlin healed the sick with cottage cheese; a humorless housepainter from Braunau with a comical Charlie Chaplin mustache wanted to establish the world dominion of the Aryans; a woman in Konnesreuth lived on water alone and played the Passion every Friday - but all this was unimportant.

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A Haydn Mass in the Burgkapelle on Sunday morning was important, and after it the pilgrimage through the Museum of Art one week through the Flemings and Dutch, the next through the early Italians. Dinner in the middle of the day, with Viennese specialties, Backhendeln and Sachertorte, was important.

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On Sunday afternoon music on two pianos, the trio sonatas of Bach, the Forellen quintet, were important. Important were one's travels through the various languages and countries - through Sacha Guitry to Paris, through Aldous Huxley to London, through Holberg to Copenhagen. It was correct to have been in Istanbul. On the Acropolis, one ran into a colleague from the dissecting room. One was astonished at the many strange words one heard in Prague.