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Satan - Alternate name of RM 15A Satan - Alternate name of RM2. Flight record: 1 spaceflight, Flew to orbit on STS Status: Inactive; Active Born: Spaceflights: 1. Total time in space: Launched - Used the AS bus. First Launch: Last Launch: Number: 5.

Gross mass: kg 1, lb. Launched Number: 7. Gross mass: 1, kg 2, lb.

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Number: 2. Gross mass: 1, kg 4, lb. Gross mass: 2, kg 5, lb.

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Status: Operational Number: 1. Gross mass: 57 kg lb. Satelife - American agency. Satelife, USA. Satelind - Indonesian agency.

Satelind, Indonesia. Satellite Italiano Ricerca Industriale Orientata - Alternate designation for Sirio communications technology satellite. Satellite Launch Vehicle - American orbital launch vehicle. Orbital version. Uses half-length shuttle SRB as first stage; proven Castor as second stage; new Castor as third stage; and Orbital Adjustment Module from Lockheed's cancelled Athena launcher as a fourth stage.

Payload: 6, kg 13, lb. Cubesat 2U bus.

mirage iii rs suisse anti aging

Gross mass: 2. Satmex - Mexican agency.

Used the HSHP bus. Gross mass: 4, kg 9, lb.

mirage iii rs suisse anti aging

Used the SSLX bus. Gross mass: 5, kg 12, lb.

Used the SSL bus. Satrec - The South Korean Satrec Initiative built on earlier Kitsat technology to develop kg and kg satellite buses for national and international customers.

Sattarov, Nail Sharipovich - Tatar-Russian test pilot cosmonaut, Status: Deceased; Active Died: Saturn Saturn - Alternate name for Soyuz Saturn Saturn - Alternate designation for Soyuz Saturn A-1 - American orbital launch vehicle. Projected first version of Saturn I, to be used if necessary before S-IV liquid hydrogen second stage became available.

Titan 1 first stage used as second stage, Centaur third stage.

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Masses, payload estimated. Status: Study Gross mass:kg 1, lb.

mirage iii rs suisse anti aging

Payload: 6, kg 14, lb. Thrust: 6, Saturn A-2 - Mirage iii rs suisse anti aging orbital launch vehicle.

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More powerful version of Saturn I with low energy second mirage iii rs suisse anti aging consisting of cluster of four IRBM motors and tankage, Centaur third stage. Payload: 10, kg 22, lb.

mirage iii rs suisse anti aging

Thrust: 7, Saturn B-1 - American orbital launch vehicle. Most powerful version of Saturn I considered.

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Payload: 13, kg 28, lb. Saturn C-1 - American orbital launch vehicle. Status: Retired Number: 3. Gross mass:kglb. Payload: 9, kg 19, lb.

mirage iii rs suisse anti aging

Thrust: 5, Saturn C-1 - Alternate designation for Saturn I. Saturn C-2 - American orbital launch vehicle. The launch vehicle initially considered for realizing the Apollo lunar landing at the earliest possible date.

Payload: 21, kg 47, lb. Saturn C-3 - The launch vehicle concept considered for a time as the leading contender for the Earth Orbit Rendezvous approach to an American lunar landing. Gross mass: 1, kg 2, lb.