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My family background The Eisikovits family — I found out from my uncle, Moshe Eisikovits, who lived in Israel, but died already — got to Romania approximately years ago [from Russia somewhere] through Odessa, when they were running away from the pogroms. There were three brothers, and one of them was called Heisikovits, not Eisikovits, because there was a law in Russia saying mr vitler anti aging mr vitler anti aging one had three sons, one of them had to join the army.

And then, to save his son, the father changed his son's name by putting an H before his name. Jsbg svájci anti aging introduced the mandatory military service for the Jewish boys between 12 and 25 inand they transferred the underage in Cantonist institutions.

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The Jewish Communities had to assure a quite high number of draftees for the army. The difficulty of the military service and the fact that weren't allowed to observe their religion made the affected ones to try to avoid this somehow.

These kids travelled alone; many of them came from state orphanages. A great number were apprentices who participated in the fights and also peasant and poor children from the countryside. Lajos Kiss was 13 years old when he escaped from an orphanage at Dorog, a mining town not far from Budapest. He ended up in an Austrian camp in Novemberand in December he was moved to Portugal with 30 orphan boys.

The leaders of the Jewish Communities sent mostly the boys from poor families to the Cantons. And because boots anti aging serum reviews were millers, one part of the family settled down by the Maros, the other by the Kukullo, and the others by the Szamos [rivers]. They were millers, but they also built some water-mills, as well, because that was the fashion then. Some relatives from the third generation were corn traders, and the others were intellectuals.

It describes the year as the author saw it. Szilagyi I cannot tell this to anyone; therefore, I will tell it to everyone.

As far as I know, one of my great-grandfathers was greffier in Nagyiklod, the other had the same job in Balazsfalva. His children were already famous intellectuals.

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One of them was Max Eisikovits, a musicologist and composer, for example he was the founder of the Hungarian Opera from Kolozsvar and the headmaster of the music academy. The family relations were strong, so we were always aware what the others were doing, moreover, approximately 70 years ago, there were some old relatives who were always asking about the others. I remember a one of my grandfather's cousins from Marosvasarhely called Heisikovits.

I spoke with him, and he always asked: 'So, how is Jakab?

mr vitler anti aging

One of them — he looked very much like my father, he was somewhat shorter, but he had the same face — mr vitler anti aging two daughters and a son. The son, Joska Heisikovits, emigrated to Israel aroundand he was a member of the group that founded the Dalia kibbutz.

One of his sisters, Julika, is a doctor in Israel, she is retired now. She married a man from Vasarhely, Bandi Frits. The other daughter lives in America, in New Jersey, her husband was a mechanical engineer called Gerson, but he died already.

mr vitler anti aging

My paternal grandfather, Jakab Eisikovits, was born in Nagyiklod in the s. Mr vitler anti aging was a large Jewish Community in Nagyiklod, and the synagogue was as big as the one in Szamosujvar.

I'm sure there were Jewish families living there.

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There were landowners, carriers, cobblers, tailors — many girls took up tailoring. My great-grandfather was a greffier.

My uncle from Israel told me that even today there are documents in Nagyiklod written by my great-grandfather — they began each paragraph with ornamented letters then. There was no typewriter then, and everyone who knew how to write could be a greffier.

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One of my grandfather's brothers was Max Eisikovits' father. They lived in Balazsfalva, but they moved there from the county.

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He was a merchant, a corn trader I believe. He had three sons. One of Max Eisikovits' brothers was a very good doctor, the other one an economist. The doctor's name was Karoly Eisikovits. For a while he was local practitioner near Vasarhely, in Sarpatak [the distance between Sarpatak and Vasarhely is 67 km].

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Later he got to Vasarhely, and he was the principal of the Maros county Sanepid [public health department]. He emigrated to Israel in the s, to Beer Sheva, he worked there also as doctor. His son, Zvi Esikovits, is a full professor, he teaches criminology. He travels all the time because he is invited to several universities to hold courses, mainly in America.