Over speed zone 30 swiss anti aging. A free family vacation–Szijjártó cruises the Adriatic on a Hungarian multi-millionaire’s yacht

InÁtlátszó noticed a brand new Bombardier Global luxury private jet which, although registered in Austria, was normally parked at the Budapest Airport.

Of course, this does not mean that we have to agree on everything, and we have expressed our concerns about some of the recent political developments in Hungary, but we have also acknowledged when the government took important steps to remedy these shortcomings. The Norway Grants provide an excellent opportunity to further strengthen our political and economic relations. What are the trade and business links between Norway and Hungary?

This plane, before the prime minister arranged to have the Hungarian army buy a luxury jet, was also used by Orbán, especially for his jaunts to football games. The journalist who at the time specialized in the comings and goings of the private jet soon enough noticed that its flights usually coincided with the moorings of the luxury yacht Lady MRD, perhaps meaning milliard or billion, on which the Hungarian investigative journalist spotted many Hungarian businessmen over the years.

Following Lady MRD on a 2 x horsepower dinghy, they managed to snap a photo of Péter Szijjártó and his wife on the deck of the yacht. From the photo, it is apparent that the Hungarian foreign minister was startled at the sight of the dinghy.

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Five or ten minutes later, he sent two members of the crew on jet skis after them. The luxury yacht belongs to László Szíjj, the fourth wealthiest businessman in Hungary, whose ventures really blossomed after Fidesz won the election over speed zone 30 swiss anti aging According to an earlier article by Átlátszó, the businessman grew up in Tiszakécske, population 11, where he became the first mayor of the town in With a friend he established a small construction company, Duna Aszfalt, which gets an enormous number of government orders.

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First, it is possible that the owner of the yacht is in essence bribing him to gain future government contracts. Second, and more plausibly, it may be that Viktor Orbán demands payment in kind for favors given, which is extortion.

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I suspect that here we are dealing with extortion, because the foreign minister would be unlikely to have contractual dealings with a businessman who is primarily involved in construction.

But whether it is bribery or extortion, it is punishable by law. In addition to the possible legal ramifications, there is another bizarre aspect to the story.

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Szijjártó, who is an avid Facebook contributor with hundreds of admirers who daily thank him for all his work on their behalf, tried to give the impression that he was hard at work in his office, engaging in tough negotiations with his colleagues over the crisis in Belarus while being on his summer holiday in Croatia. According to calculations, Szijjártó arrived in Split at am on August 12, on the by now well-known private jet that normally takes these dignitaries to the shores of the Adriatic.

They concluded, he claimed, a long negotiation regarding investments and taxation. According to the Golden Bridge News, the Kirgiz news agency, the two foreign ministers did talk to each other on that day, but only by telephone. On another photo, he is closely examining some important documents.

Yet another photo which is at least a year old, shows him congratulating a team of women handballers. The over speed zone 30 swiss anti aging was what we would have expected.

The government is not interested in the summer vacations of any and all cabinet members.

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He is certain that Szijjártó followed all the rules and regulations, and if there was anything illegal, the parliamentary committee on parliamentary immunity could certainly examine the case.

Today at last there was an opportunity to question the foreign minister himself about his jaunt to the Adriatic.

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According to his own admission, he has only 10 million forints in the bank, and he owes his parents 30 million. His trip to the Adriatic would have cost him million forints.

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Even if Hungarian law does not specifically forbid government officials from accepting large gifts, it does recognize bribery and extortion as crimes. But nothing will come of this case.

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As long as there is no law on the books that restricts government officials from being feted by grateful or wishful businessmen, Orbán and company can claim that they were merely enjoying the company, and generosity, of personal friends.

August 25,

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