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Excerpt from a longer text Sociologists connect tattooing to the underground, the periphery, to something forbidden, suppressed.

Svájci geoconcept anti aging

This is why it is connected to both the subconscious and the underground. Some forms of the underground were probably first made visible by Dadaism in poetry and art. According to the owner of a salon in the nineties tattoo is only a fashion, respected and influential people, politicians, businessmen, scientists, designer have tattoos. It can be a sample, a simple pattern, it can be the highest artistic value, good or bad quality, but morally it is something neutral.

I do not agree with the opinion that tattoo is only a fashion — although sometimes design is more progressive than anything else in culture, as we could realise it, when the post-bauhaus designer Tibor Kálmán founded Colors Magazine in NY.

Great statement for human rights and against racism.

Svájci geoconcept anti aging

Colors was a most innovative fusion of Design, Pop and context-based conceptual art although. Why is tattoo needed in contemporary art? Is it filling a gap?

Svájci geoconcept anti aging

I have no exact answers yet. Culture has to touch reality. And this is true, but it does still not touch the essence of the question: Why Tattoo in High Art and Avantgarde? Maybe it is especially valuable, because 3D-plotter offer the possibility to make fakes and copies of paintings, graphic design and texts so easily!

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It can not be stolen or copied. In European tattoos are viewed as an act of rebellion or revolt. It was Hadrian, who prohibited them among others in He said: «Hi, you scribble on your body?

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A gift from God. Islam and Judaism prohibited it several times. But not always. For example from the Maori culture.

Svájci geoconcept anti aging

Sailors in California wear at least three tattoos: One is made when they leave the harbour, one is made, when they arrive to the port, and one, when return luckily to their home-town or place of Svájci geoconcept anti aging.

The three tattoos mean, that they survived the travel. An other chapter of traditional tattoo flourished in state-socialist times in the prisons, mainly in Russia, but also in Hungary. Officially it is was prohibited to promote tattoos, because state-socialism treated it as bourgeois deviance as in democratic countries, it was not prohibited. In the Amazonas it was a matter of believe and Svájci geoconcept anti aging.

God or the Goddess would not see those, who do not wear a sign on their body to separate them from the chaos of the jungle. I can imagine very well the effect of a sudden flash of a well drawn tattoo on a shoulder in the endless bushes.

Maybe a geometric pattern as sign of the presence of the Almighty.

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In Africa there is a culture of scarification. Incredibly strong wooden sculptures and portrait with scarified skin patterns are shown world-wide in the big museums and also photos of beauty wrinkle with scarification patterns and several types of body-modification. They speak for themselves.

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It is a strong expression, when we turn as a sculpture to our own body, or the tribe modifies our body — often in painful way.

Contemporary artists have picked up this idea in a less harmful, often rather humorous way. The message: Hi I am still alive and this is my story.

It appears on tattoos and on photos about tattoos, drawings installation, walldrawings and grafitty. Postscript: If we condemned all thingswhich were once prohibited by leaders of the monotheist religions and which we imported from ancient or tribal cultures, we would have no potato, no tomatoes, no easter eggs, no carnival.

Big parts of Hungarian folk-songs and rock would go astray.

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We would not recognise ourselves. So this is a plea for Tattoo. Roza El-Hassan November Click on the small picture Svájci geoconcept anti aging see the image in bigger. My Concept for show Authentic from September — I am still looking for a space or museum to host it. Authentic is Svájci geoconcept anti aging on three things, which touched me mostly during the last ten years, authentic things.

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It was my exhibition concept for the Hungarian Pavillon in Venice, but the realisation was not made possible. As I expected it One of these is the tattoo scene in Budapest, mainly anonymous and young people, the other are painting and grafitty by Jean Michel Basquaite.

A napokban a fenntartható fejlődésért küzdő nemzetközi szervezet, az IUCN, a svájci Gland városában felavatta új központi irodáját.

Although I Svájci geoconcept anti aging not see personally his big exhibition in Paris, I took time to look at the photo again and again, which I received from a Hungarian tattoo artist, who was just in Paris and enthusiastic about it. The third series, which I would show is something, that touched me deeply. I initiated the workshops and collections of these children drawings in in Turkey. I have also the stories, which belong to these drawings.

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The tattoo-artists, Basquaite and the children bring up images from the deepest deepemotional and mental levels. They are Svájci geoconcept anti aging. They all arrived from the periphery. Although Basquaite became very famous, he begun his career as a suburban gravfitty artist.

Svájci geoconcept anti aging

Tattoos became Svájci geoconcept anti aging fashionable in marginalised communities in Europe such as the prisoners, sailers and pirates more then hundred years ago. It is a very brave gesture to tattoo on the living body.

Expressive in the purest sense. Today we see very few authentic pictures, artefacts. In the exhibition I would show in a very simple way these three groups of images. Jean Michel Basquaise Gravity artist and painter. Born in New York. Tattoo Artists: As I wrote, they are mostly anonymous, maybe they would work in masks, which covers their face completely and they would sew their motives or drawings by other international or local artists as tattoos on visitors upon appointment.

Their anonymity or personal appearance with their names we would decide later, when the project is in progress.

A történelem előtti Eurázsia lehetséges atlasza a nyelvcsaládok földműveléssel való terjedésének modelljét alátámasztó genetikai adatok alapján. Interdisciplinary reinterpretation of the underlying thinking patterns of authoritarianism. Az autoritarizmus mögöttes gondolkodási mintáinak interdiszciplináris újraértelmezése.

They depicted the horror of the war touching my heart and without any visual cliches.