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It has been rehearsed so many times. Nothing new.

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Another instalment of an attack on their democratically elected governments. The Fidesz government has had massive support for the last decade.

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You said it is not an attack on Hungarian society, but on the Hungarian Government. Well, somebody elected this government. It was not Snow White and the seven dwarves. If you do not like it, just abolish the election and appoint somebody from outside to be the viceroy of Hungary.

I think Mr Timmermans will be more than willing to take the job. And after that you do that, do the same with Poland.

Wenn wir sprachlich- kommunikativ handeln, sind wir uns dieser Komplexität aber zumeist gar nicht bewusst. In der Kommunikation finden viele Prozesse wie die Auswahl der richtigen Lexeme, ihre syntaktische Zusammenstellung und morphologi- sche Anpassung an die Textumgebung weitgehend automatisiert statt — kom- munikative Kompetenz besteht bis zu einem gewissen Grad darin, dass wir während des sprachlichen Handelns nicht mehr über die Konstruktion von Sprachstrukturen nachdenken müssen vgl. Rogina

That will solve all the problems. The resolution that you have read — at least some of you must have read it — is so biased.

To say it is biased is an understatement. It is exclusively based on the information from anti-Fidesz groups, and the argument of the majority of the Hungarians on the government has been simply ignored, and this is a regular practice here.

The Middle-Ukrainian 1 Galician-Volynian Chronicle hereafter GVC - the most important historical source of events in 13th century southwestern Rus', an area which is now Western Ukraine — has many references in the Galician half of the chronicle to Hungary and the Hungarians, for in the first half of the thirteenth century the royal Árpád dynasty attempted to gain dominion over Galicia and create a second kingdom on its territory to be ruled by the younger members of the royal house of Hungary. Drawing on my English translation 3 of the chronicle, I will cite references which illustrate these vicissitudes. I also beg the indulgence of specialists in this field for any oversimplifications or omissions I may have inadvertently made. Their comments will only aid me in my work on the preparation of a critical edition of this very important historical and literary monument. Thus, at the very beginning of the chronicle, after the death of Great Prince Roman Mstislavii, the father of the four-year old Danilo and two-year old Vasilko, who are the protagonists of the GVC, the Hungarian king appears as the protector of the orphaned children and Roman's widow against Prince Rjurik Rostislaviő of Kiev, while Hungary is depicted as the haven for Danilo: a

This has been done in the case of Poland too. The replies of the government had been thrown into the wastebasket.

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They are just not taken into account. Take the case of the Central European University.

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This school was established as a foreign institution with certain privileges, wissen vor 8 természetes anti aging the government wants to restrict these privileges. It has nothing to do with teaching, research, wissen vor 8 természetes anti aging freedom or freedom of thought.

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In many EU countries the function of foreign academic institutions is very restricted, far more restricted than the current Hungarian law provides. Why is it that you tolerate certain arrangements and certain practices in your own countries and you demand that the Hungarians change their law?

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This is absolutely unacceptable. The good side of this is that all this entire spectacle is counter-productive. So I suspect the same will happen in Hungary. So, Prime Minister Orbán, it may very well be that the authors of this resolution are your unwitting or perhaps clandestine supporters.

Those are not my words; they have been said before. Also, I will not herbalife anti aging bőrápoló vélemények back to all the violations that have been put in this report. That is the reality of today. Applause Az anti aging üzletről intervention is not to you, it is especially to our EPP colleagues, and I have one plea, which is that hopefully this evening they will follow their conscience when they decide on this.

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We are talking about somebody of the family, and I can tell you that I had the same problem at a certain moment. We did it in the end, also based on counsel, because we thought that more important than size and power are in fact principles and values.

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The second reason is for European reasons, Manfred. What we are living today is the survival and existential battle over the survival of the European project. If Mr Orbán is publicly siding with Salvini, openly discussing the disruption of this European project, well, we need that not to happen in the coming years.

So I want to plead to you, my Christian Democratic colleagues, to recognise that the way Schuman looked at Christianity is in many ways exactly the opposite to the divisive, narrow and destructive actions and opinions of Mr Orbán.

Dear colleagues, please for once see that he is the seed of discord that will ultimately destroy our beautiful European project and please, together with us, stop this nightmare this evening in your Group. À nos collègues du PPE je veux dire solennellement ceci: vous comptez en vos rangs le Fidesz, le parti de M.

Pendant longtemps, il a été considéré un peu comme le mouton noir de la famille.

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En adoptant un langage, une posture et des politiques qui en font la coqueluche — et nous le vérifions ici à chaque moment — des extrêmes-droites européennes et même américaine. Mais où sont donc vos limites?

Vous êtes un néolibéral autoritaire. Chacun prendra donc ses responsabilités demain et nous verrons qui est qui.

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I am sure that for Hungarians of a certain age today will have brought back many dark memories. This is the man who is one of the bosses of the European Commission that appoints Martin Selmayr, driving a coach and horses through all the rules that exist here.

What is really happening here, Mr Orbán, is that they are just updating the Brezhnev doctrine of limited sovereignty. And Article 7 is the new method of adopting that. They want to strip you of your voting rights, they want to stop giving you European funding, and all of it because you have the audacity to stand up to George Soros, the man who has poured USD 15 billion all over the world in trying to break down the nation states and to get rid of our traditional forms of democracy.