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Strengthening the Immune System has never been more urgent: How Biobran can help.

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It is a pharmacologically active natural product, sold in 49 countries, and it is safe and non-toxic 1. The rice bran extract in Biobran has been broken down by an enzyme derived from Shiitake mushroom.

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The main chemical structure of Biobran MGN3 is arabinoxylan. Its low molecular weight enables it to be absorbed into the small intestine and then passed into the bloodstream where it helps to activate key immune mens anti wrinkle cream uk such as dendritic cells 9, 10B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and Natural Killer Cells 11, 12, and There are studies to support its usefulness as an adjunct for those undergoing treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis 2HIV 3Diabetes type 2 4, 5IBS 6asthma 7 and Hepatitis 8 but the research has been ostensibly focused on raising immunity for those undergoing treatment for cancer.

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The number of peer-reviewed studies on this natural compound is exceptional 59 so farallowing doctors and practitioners to recommend it with confidence. It is well established to raise Natural Killer Cell activity 11, 12, 13which research has demonstrated to have an important role in immune defence against cancer.

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Research has also shown that, provided BioBran MGN-3 is regularly included in the diet, this stimulation of the immune system need not decrease over time. This lack of attenuation or hyporesponsiveness with prolonged use is extremely unusual for immunomodulatory substances and means that BioBran MGN-3 continues to be an effective supplement over an mens anti wrinkle cream uk period of time — which is important for long-term treatment plans.

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NK activity usually peaks around 1 or 2 months after being on a high dose, after which it can be maintained with a smaller maintenance does. The speed at which this peak is initially reached is dose dependant.

Generally, mg to mg is recommended per day although, initially, some practitioners will recommend mg a day for the first month or two, and during times of severe immune compromisation.

Clinical data to support Biobran: There are 59 peer-reviewed published papers on Biobran and some feature on Pubmed. A more comprehensive list of scientific research on Biobran can be found on www. Animal Experiment involving rats to determine any potential toxicity of MGN Above material can be classified as non-toxic according to the reference.

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Onai and H. Maeda, Hyrolyzed rice bran reduces the aggravation of protein metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats Presenters: Kitamura N. Cholujova, J. Jakugikova, J. Sedlak Journal: Neoplasma 56, 2, Ghoneum and S. Journal: Cytotherapy, An Open-label, randomized clinical trial to assess the immunomodulatory activity of a novel oligosaccharide compound in healthy adult Authors: K. Ali, A. Melillo, S. Leonard, D. Asthana, Judi M. Woolger, A. Wolfson, H. McDaniel, J. Epub Jan