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The week before the equinox brought guides from around the world to the Kingdom of Cair Paravel for festivals, activities, socializing and, on the longest day of all, an eloquent masquerade ball at dusk. In the weeks leading up to the events, the kings and queens prepare everything necessary, be it a bedchamber, additional food, decorations or suitable music.

Susan and Lucy loved it as much as they loved socializing, Edmund was indifferent, excited about building a stronger relationship with Cair Paravel's allies, but Peter hated the Spring Equinox. The Hochkönig valued his space and paravel anti aging, and when lords and ladies rummaged in his shop from all over, he felt cold.

His icy fingers dipped under her nightgown and pulled her back to his chest so that his nose could dip into the soft skin of her neck. His fingertips trailed over his wife's hips and down her thighs. She whined and grabbed his messy blond locks in her fingers. Paravel anti aging had been a long day for the Hochkönig.

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Between the quiet of the morning and the greeting of army generals, kings and citizens from the surrounding kingdoms, the day seemed to drag on for months. The morning was spent helping Lucy, the afternoon was busy greeting the guests with the other kings and queens, and the few hours that led to the masquerade were getting dressed. I don't think we met, I would have remembered such an angelic face. But someone of your beauty can paravel anti aging me Arthur.

His teeth sparkled as they spoke, and the strong muscles of his arms tensed under his white shirt.

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Arthur was the definition of Prince Charming. On behalf of the whole of Archenland, I thank you for the invitation. Still, I hope your trip was peaceful. I heard there is still a lot of snow in your mountains.

He thought of his fingers brushing the hot skin of her insides that morning, just inches from the pussy he knew was already getting wet for him. He thought of her whimpering so sinfully and how her back arched perfectly against his body. The idea that this strange prince would do the same made Peter's grip on his drink tighten.

His name was, um, Adam? No, Arthur. He's paravel anti aging Archenlander. Paravel anti aging she can answer, Peter speaks up. Arthur's back straightens clearly when he sees who the voice belongs to. My darling, I'm afraid we have to leave a little earlier tonight," says Peter, not averting his eyes from the staring fight he was having with Arthur.

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Is everything okay? Finally he turns away from the prince. You're pulling my arm. Do we need to have your hearing checked?

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He mocks and walks lazily towards the bed. His footsteps echo across the chamber until he stops and kneels so his face is right in front of hers.

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You know exactly what you did. You flirted with this prince. I paravel anti aging just trying to be nice. Will you forgive me?

Nah, I'm gonna fuck the picture of him out of your head, darling. You understand? All of them, I rule. I am paravel anti aging ruler of paravel anti aging.

I am your king.

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Peter grins, patted her cheek paravel anti aging straightened his back. Now lean over the bed, will you? Let's see what I can do with the strings of your dress. If you act like a whore, you might as well dress like one. Peter's fingers willingly tore the delicate straps of her corset apart. After loosening it, he pulled it from her body and let it converge around her knees.

Peter kneels behind her and takes two handfuls of her ass in his palms and squeezes it. Peter groans in the same condescending, mocking tone. Come here baby. Her clitoris perfectly brushes the defined muscles of Peter's thigh and her hard nipples get caught against the rough material of his royal shirt.

The rough material hit her in such a way that her pussy cramped, desperate for orgasm. One of his hands slowly stroked her back, pulling sinful goose bumps and skin up to her throat.

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His hand tightened and he pushed her head off his neck. His hips touched hers as his free hand danced over her soft skin to her chest. Peter cupped her beautiful chest and squeezed, thumb rubbed and flicked her hardened nipple. Peter snorted and slipped his hand from his position around her neck paravel anti aging stick his thumb in her mouth. Bet you wish it was my dick, yeah Do you want to suck your king's cock?

He grinned, pulled it out, and patted her cheek gently before crawling onto her face. Another guttural moan left Peter's lips.

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Fortunately, instead of getting angry, he laughed. He ties two fingers under her panties and pulls them away from her in one smooth motion. His long, strong finger brushes her finger point before pulling out and inserting two. Her legs wiggle helplessly as she tries to follow Peter's rhythm.

The boy you flirted with earlier?

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You, King Peter! You will always be mine, do you understand? Everything about Peter made her weak; his grip on her waist, his grunt, the hand in her hair that forced her to arch off the bed You are my bitch Not that of a foreign prince.

So good that you'll be squirting on my cock right here. Her body trembles, her mouth opens with pleasure, and the sound of her scream is shrouded in pleasure and sin.

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Her body was like putty in Peter's hands, and her whole mind was blinded in the best possible way by the feeling he had in her. She was so enchanted by her own cloud that she couldn't feel Peter trigger his own high until he fell on the bed next to her.

It just made up for it.

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